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 Dr. Xiaoping "Isadora" JIANG is from Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. Currently, she is working as Co-Director of the Confucius Institute (CI) at Wesleyan College. Dr. Jiang is also a Professor of English and an Associate Dean of the School of Foreign Studies at Guangzhou University, China.

Her research areas include intercultural communication, translation and education, in which she has widely published articles and books. Dr. Jiang has experience in international communication and collaboration, and has taught the Chinese language and culture in Japan, New Zealand, Canada and the U.S.A, where she worked as a Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence during the 2011-2012 academic year. In addition to her overseas teaching experience, she also has many years of experience in teaching Chinese to international business executives and scholars in China. She regularly attends international workshops and conferences.


 Chunyuan "Alice" YANG is from Jiangxi, China. She is an instructor and volunteer coordinator at the Confucius Institute at Wesleyan College. She received her Master's degree in Language Education from Guangzhou University. To prepare for her work at the CI, she received intensive training from Confucius Institute Headquarters that has greatly helped her to be a successful Chinese teacher. In 2013-2014 she taught two very popular sections of Chinese culture to the Wesleyan Academy for Lifelong Learning students.  Her classes have opened a new window to introduce China to Macon citizens, and her enthusiasm and caring have affected many of her students. She always believes that love is the best teaching methodology suited for all students around the world.


Professor Dong "Donna" HAN 韩东 is from Guangdong, China and is a visiting Professor at the Confucius Institute at Wesleyan College.  Graduating separately from Beijing Institute of International Relations and Sun Yat-Sen University, she has taught college English and Chinese at Guangzhou University for nearly 15 years. She will be a visiting professor at the Confucius Institute at Wesleyan College through 2016.


Professor Suyan "Jercy" TAN is from Guanghzou, China, and is a visiting Professor at the Confucius Institute at Wesleyan College. A lecturer at Guangzhou University, Professor Tan received her training in teaching Chinese language and literature from Nankai University and has published widely in teaching, especially second language teaching. She has taught a broad range of Chinese courses such as Advanced Spoken Chinese, Reading Comprehension, Writing and others.